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Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Artikel B.Inggris The Golden Swan

Artikel B.Inggris
The Golden Swan
One night,as the poor widow was sleeping restlessly, she heard her husband’s voice.(past continuous).”have come back to help you,” the voice said.(direct sentences).The widow sat up and looked around.(past tense).
She knew she was dreaming, and in her dream she went outside.(past tense).A large swan spoke to her with the Chief Hunter’s voice.(past tense).”I know how hard it is for you,”the Swan said in the Chief Hunter’s voice.(direct sentences).
The Widow was happy to hear her husband’s voice, yet sad because she knew that it was a dream.(past tense).The words stuck her throat so she could not speak.(past tense).The Swan stood in the moonlight and said,”I wish I could be here with you.”(direct sentences).
Then it came closer.(past tense).She could see that many of its feathers were made of gold.(past perfect).In the moonlight it seemed to be a golden swan.(past tense).
The golden swan said,”Put your hand out and take one of my golden feathers.”(direct sentences).Use the money for yourself and the children.(present tense).Go on, I will return whenever You need more.(future tense).Pull a feather out of my wing.(present tense).The Golden Swan said in the voice of the chief hunter,”Go to sleep now.”(direct sentences).

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